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Provider benefits UltraFill's unique design and high capacity 3 000 PSI cylinders provide a number

UltraFill's unique design and high capacity3,000 PSI cylinders provide a number of ways to reduce your costs whileoffering patients the superior oxygen duration and convenience of theUltraFill home oxygen system. Since 3,000 PSI cylinders last longer thantraditional 2,000 PSI cylinders, oxygen patients will require fewercylinders. Plus, the UltraFill system generates oxygen and fillscylinders right in the home, eliminating recurrent oxygen deliveries. Use your current CGA-870 compatible OCD/regulator inventory Upgrade your existing EverFlo, Millennium M600 and M605, and Millennium M10 concentrator inventoryUltraFill'slow-maintenance design enables homecare providers to lower servicecosts for additional savings. Also, UltraFill's intuitive design is easyfor oxygen patients to use – which means fewer service calls.Patient-friendly design One-handed cylinder connect/disconnect Auto detection of 3,000/2,000 PSI cylinders Patient can stop and restart filling at their convenience 50% quieter than the competition Cylinders can be topped off to make partial fills Uses 40% less power than the competition Fill level indicator monitors cylinder fill level Fill cylinder while OCD or regulator is attachedThe benefits are continuousAnotherconvenience of the UltraFill home oxygen system is that it allowsoxygen patients the ability to fill tanks and receive oxygen therapysimultaneously. Unlike other oxygen generating systems, there is no needfor the patient to switch to another device during the fillingprocess.** When filling, 3 LPM of oxygen is available with a 5liter concentrator (EverFlo and Millennium) and up to 7 LPM is availablewith a 10 liter concentrator (Millennium M10).

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